The home program is designed for people who are limited by distance or time from getting an evaluation for a sleep disorder.  For uncomplicated disorders, evaluation, testing and treatment can be done in the home.   The determination of whether the symptoms can be taken care of in the home will be determined at the initial evaluation.  

In order to participate in out home program you must have a personal computer or mobile device that supports Web Ex video conferencing and a working email account.

The Home Program is not covered by all insurance plan.  Our staff will be happy to help you determine your out of pocket costs for the initial evaluation.

If you are interested in our home program take the following steps.

1. Call the office at 888-853-2992 to schedule an appointment.

2. Fill out the appropriate new patient forms and return via fax or email.

3. You will get an email confirming the time and date of your appointment. Make sure you have the Web Ex software initialized and are online at the time of your appointment.