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7 years later

posted Dec 26, 2016, 6:31 AM by Thomas Stern
I was very stressed 7 years ago at this time.  I was giving up a job in a medical system with great pay and benefits to go into private practice.  I had 3 children under 5 years old to support and I needed my wife's help to run the practice - so now she had work duties in addition to full time mom duties.  I was assured by many people that a solo private practice simply cannot work.  I didn't have much of a choice though - I had a 2 year non-compete that prevented me from working with other healthcare systems in the area and extended family had just relocated to Charlotte to be near to us. My plan was to stick it out for 2 years and then reassess.  I am still re-assessing 7 years later.  Running a solo practice is certainly not easy although it has become easier as we have assembled a good team around us. There are still days I question what I am doing, but there are many more days I am happy with my independence.  The days I am in question I console myself by remembering that regardless of what I am struggling with I have the ability to improve my situation.  Of course I also have the ability to screw it up even more. I am very lucky that I have a supporting cast of extended family to turn to with expertise in medicine, law, accounting, business, insurance and IT. While decision making has certainly not been perfect it has been enough to keep the practice viable. Will my practice last another year? I think so, but there are no guarantees. How ironic would it be that I survived the arrival of Obamacare just to fail the dissolution of Obamacare? One thing is for certain - I have learned not to stress about things that are beyond my control. This may be due to age.  This may be due to experience. This may be due to fatigue or stupidity.  One thing is for sure - it is definitely not because I planned it 7 years ago! 2017 here we come!