Healthcare Reform

March 26, 2017

This past week our congress once again failed to fix our broken healthcare system. The current system - referred to as Obamacare - has been described by both democrats and republicans as fatally flawed. Despite this our "leaders" can't put together a plan that will provide affordable healthcare. Instead we all get very expensive health insurance which makes it more difficult than necessary for people to get healthcare. Sadly, our "leaders" in congress don't even realize the difference between healthcare and health insurance. The reality is the American healthcare system is perfectly designed to do what it is doing - make certain interests a lot of money. People who have a lot of money have great influence over our "leaders". Fixing the healthcare system is not an intellectually complicated problem. Getting our "leaders" to fix healthcare has proven to be impossible. In order to do this our "leaders" are going to have to prioritize the American people over the wealthy special interests.

When I was working in the US Senate it did not take me long to figure out there is only one thing that matters to most of our elected officials - and that is to be re-elected. The number one thing that influences voting in our congress is the impact it will have on the next election. The focus of our "leaders" is not to lead. Leaders need to make tough decisions. The last thing our "leaders" want to do is tackle a tough problem. They would rather kick the can down the road. Our current system promotes indecision. The healthcare system is a prime example. The American healthcare system has been identified as a problem for more than 25 years but all that has been done is to perpetuate the system. Our national debt has been identified as a problem for a long time too and all our leaders do is stand by and watch it grow.

The system solution is pretty straight forward - it is term limits for our "leaders". Our founding fathers had the foresight to limit the term of president because they identified the potential for corruption. If only they would have foreseen the same for congress. We will be waiting a long time for our healthcare fix and I predict it will come from employers - not our "leaders". I am not sure it will be in my lifetime. I am afraid term limits are even farther away.