One Way to Avoid Obamacare..

August 30, 2017

The world is watching as the US healthcare system slowly implodes and our elected leaders do nothing to stop it. The cost of healthcare is climbing while the access to healthcare is declining. I am not talking about the access to health insurance - I am talking about the access to healthcare. Most politicians and members of the media do not understand the difference. Access to health insurance is at an all time high because it is required by law in the United States of America to purchase healthcare from a private company if you do not have an employee sponsored plan and do not qualify for a government sponsored plan. That concept seems un-American to me. The result is skyrocketing insurance rates. You can't print money as fast as someone will take it from you given the opportunity and now private healthcare companies have the opportunity. Check out the 1st quarter revenues of United Healthcare in 2017. They were up 9.4%. I can assure you the revenue in my practice was not up 9.4%.

So what can you do when the law requires you to purchase a product whose costs are out of control? One option is to not get health insurance and pay a penalty. I don't like that answer because then you pay money and assume risk for being uninsured. I think I have found a better answer called health care sharing ministries. Wikipedia does a good job describing health care sharing ministry. There are certain requirements these organizations have to meet one of which is having similar beliefs. The ties to a religion protects it from the requirements of Obamacare. The down side is not everyone is eligible and pre-existing conditions and certain behaviors such as smoking and drinking are exclusive. They function very similarly to traditional insurance companies - you have a card you present for care and claims are paid through traditional clearing houses. The fees are a fraction of what Obamacare costs. I have encountered several patients that belong to these organizations and they have spoken positively of them. I personally do not belong to a health care sharing ministry but it is something you might want to consider if you are struggling to afford health insurance thanks to Obamacare.